Who What Wear Podcast: Katie Sturino

Can we talk about some of your viral content series #supersizetheLook and #makemysize, which reach millions and millions of people around the world? Can you talk a little bit about how they came to be, how you develop them, what their responses were?

KS: #Supersizethelook I did because when I first started out on my platform, I realized women were always like, “I love this person’s style, but I can’t pull it off.” It’s just me re-creating the look. Like most recently, I did Hailey Bieber and a pink bra top with oversize sweatpants. People, they look at celebrity looks, they get inspired, but they don’t think they can wear it, so I’m hoping that my #supersizethelooks inspire people to try new things and actually convince themselves that they can wear the things that they think that they can’t.

#Makemysize was started just out of sheer shopping frustration. I love #makemysize. It’s a real positive call-to-action for brands. I don’t find this to be like a shaming thing for brands because I don’t do that. I’m not like, “Boycott this brand.” I like to just say, “Okay, Zimmermann stops at a size 10. This is what your biggest size looks like on my body. I can’t get it over my head. Can you imagine how many other women can’t wear your clothes?” Like, make my size, expand your business. I think that that is one of the most interesting things that I do on the internet, and I find brand reactions to be very telling. I think we’ve also had a lot of success with brands expanding their sizes like Veronica Beard, and Madewell, and Staud.

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