These Are the 9 Biggest Summer Nail Trends of 2021

There’s a lot of energy and excitement surrounding summer 2021. Even if you’re being cautiously optimistic, you can sense that it’s going to be a completely different summer than last year and hopefully a lot more fun and carefree. We deserve a little bit of levity, right?

And since we’ll probably be out and about more this summer, it’s time to start strategizing your “re-entry” looks. What will you wear to reunions with friends and family you haven’t seen in more than a year? Are you looking to experiment with your clothes and makeup?

One thing I’m excited about? Treating myself to some manicures and pedicures. Pre-pandemic, I didn’t get my nails done regularly, but after over a year of not getting any salon services, I’m looking for some pampering. I’m also looking to be a little dramatic with my nails this summer. They’re normally bare, but I’m itching to try new things.

So to gather inspiration, I reached out to some nail artists and stylists to get their predictions of the nail trends for summer 2021. I wanted to know what nail art, colors, and shapes are worth trying out as the new season rolls around. Here’s what they had to say.

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