These Are the 6 Biggest Streetwear Trends of 2021

The streets have always been my fashion magazines, aka where I look for style inspiration and hints on what trends are about to blow up. Pre-2020 me was very much inspired by what I saw strangers wearing on the subway, to the farmers market, or even to the bodega. I recall doing double takes often to mentally process the new trends or outfit ideas I’d seen so I could later take a crack at them myself. Who knows—I may have even gone on to influence someone else when I put some of those streetwear trends to the test.

I usually look to fashion on the streets in big cities like New York and Paris, but since the streets have been closed for the past year, I’ve now turned to Instagram to fill the void Union Square once filled. Turns out Instagram ‘fits are big predictors of the cool trends to come. Below are the streetwear trends I can’t wait to try once the world opens up again and my favorite picks to shop for each one.

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