The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Skincare Routine Order

If you regularly engage with online skincare content, then you’ve probably seen some version of an infographic outlining the order in which to apply products. Generally speaking, the accepted rule of thumb is that we should apply them in order of thickness, starting with the thinnest liquids and finishing with the thickest creams or salves. By that logic, the first product to hit your skin after you cleanse should be a liquid toner if you use one. Our experts subscribe to this general rule, too. Although, Marino points out that a skincare professional can help you identify any instances where your individual routine might differ. “Many products can have names that confuse clients,” she says. “For instance, there are serums that are an oil texture, toners called lotions, and so on. A professional will help curate a routine for you and teach you the proper order of application to ensure maximum benefits.”

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