The Simple Skinny Jean Outfit That Won’t Go Out of Style

While there’s certainly a movement towards those more relaxed denim styles these days, skinny jeans will still remain a staple. Sure, the cut can sometimes be polarizing in nature, but the silhouette is more or less a classic at this point because of the versatile nature. As a result, I personally continue to wear. I also do spot a variety of my favorite fashion follows post chic outfits in skinny jeans as well.

On that note, there seems to be one favorite outfit formula with skinny jeans that the fashion crowd and many I know in my life are all about—and probably will for seasons to come. The look in question? An ensemble featuring those trusty jeans, a white top, and easy shoes. The outfit is simple, but just works given the classic feel.

To showcase this A+ look, keep scrolling to check out how style setters are styling skinny jeans, complete with inspired shopping picks.

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