The Shoe Trends Celebrities Are Wearing and Ditching in 2021

Celebrities are an excellent barometer for what trends are in and out, which is obviously why we cover them so much here at Who What Wear. If the most stylish of celebs aren’t wearing a certain trend anymore, it’s probably on its way to fizzling out, like it or not. At the start of each new season, we think a lot about the status of all the trends, for obvious reasons. And today, we’re focusing on shoes.

With stay-at-home orders in place for much of the year, 2020 was sort of a shoeless year, and a lot of shoes we were wearing before the pandemic just aren’t that relevant anymore. On that note, there’s no time like the present to examine a few shoe trends that were once loved by celebrities but have since fallen by the wayside. And who better to examine this with than women such as Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, and a few more of their fellow stylish celebrities. And while we’re at it, find out which shoe styles they are wearing and shop them for yourself.

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