The Outfit Formula Every It Girl Is Wearing With Sweatpants

By now I think it’s safe to say that sweatpants have become part of our daily style lexicon. There’s no question that they’ve earned key status in our closets, but we no longer reach for them just because they happen to be a comfortable option (though they really deliver in that department), but also because the fashion crowd has deemed them a bonafide style staple.

Many of our favorite trendsetters have a thing for sweats and they’ve managed to elevate the otherwise “boring” basic to a new level with cool styling ideas. Speaking of, there’s one common theme we’ve noticed with how cool girls are wearing their sweats right now and it all comes down to a simple three-piece formula: a matching sweatsuit, sleek statement coat, and chunky-soled shoes. The more we picked up on this outfit trend, the more we started to see it all over our Instagram feeds, and given that it exudes effortless, comfy, and practical vibes all at once, we can see why it’s a popular one.

Since we know wearing sweats on repeat can start to feel dull, we’ve pulled our favorite examples of this one sweatpants outfit idea. Ahead, get inspired by nine fresh ways to wear joggers—plus shopping to help you get each look.

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