The Denim Trends That Are In and Out for 2021

I think it’s safe to say that we really slowed it down on denim last year, turning instead to softer pants like sweats, leggings, and knit pants and leaving our beloved jeans to gather dust. But as we start to think about bringing denim back into our lives in 2021, we’re taking the opportunity to get you up to speed on the jeans styles to know for the year ahead (because we’ll be wearing them at the first chance we get).

The new shapes on the horizon honestly feel so fresh, from slim boot-cut jeans to the loose and distressed pairs bubbling on Instagram. Of course, when new trends emerge, older ones tend to die out, so we’re pointing to five styles that are hitting their expiration dates, so to speak. Ahead, find out which ones are getting the boot, and peruse the new denim trends stealing the spotlight this year.

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