The Coolest Trends of 2021, as Told by Fashion Students

On being a fashion student:

“Growing up and as a current fashion business student, I’ve always been fascinated by how fashion was able to transform people. My confidence and personality as a young Muslim-American hijab-wearer was definitely molded by trends and I loved how I could represent different versions of myself. The fashion industry excites me because it’s rooted in art, innovation, and inclusivity. I love a brand that can tell a story with its collections and I love how these stories reflect the changes happening in culture, politics, and how we perceive history. 

“Upon graduation, I would like to pursue a career in digital fashion. I want to bring my innovative ideas and create experiences for customers that meet them where they are in life. I also want to bring my unique perspective on the role the fashion industry has to play in a customer’s relationship with their environment. But overall, I want the behind-the-scenes to reflect the same inclusive perspectives fashion brands try to champion on runways and magazine covers.”

Trends she’s loving:

”Corsets. I love layering a corset on a simple tee or jacket to elevate a look to reflect femininity and strength. Corsets provide a structure and newness to any outfit and I’m all for the traditional use of corsets, where the restriction is thrown out of the current narrative.“

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