The Comfortable Outfit Trend Everyone’s Wearing on Instagram

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that after wearing loungewear for a year straight, I’m about ready to burn my sweatpants and never look at another pair again. I realize that’s a bit dramatic, but my wardrobe could really use a refresh right now, and if you’re feeling the same, I think I’ve found just the thing. Lately, I’ve been noticing that all the fashion girls in my feed are styling a similar type of outfit and while it doesn’t involve sweatpants, it’s still comfortable and loungy but happens to look really fresh and cool.

How are they achieving such outfit perfection, you ask? It comes down to two elements: a bodysuit with shorts (sometimes referred to as a unitard) and a structured jacket like a boxy blazer or trench coat layered on top. I’ll let you in something: it doesn’t matter as much the exact pieces you wear as it does the overall combination of tailoring and spandex that creates a cool contrast. For instance, you could easily re-create this with a tank top and bike shorts in lieu of a bodysuit. To see what I mean, I put together a visual guide to this comfortable outfit trend and selected some shopping picks if you’re so inclined to try it for yourself.

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