The Best Zara Clothing For Women In Their 20s

Zara is hands-down one of those sites that can feel overwhelming to navigate. Is it just me, or does it always seem like just when you’re finally about to reach the bottom of the page, more products appear? It’s a neverending sea of sartorial goodness and while I am sure some of you would thoroughly enjoy scrolling through every single section on the retailer’s site, the truth of the matter is that you likely don’t have the time to. That’s where I come in. My name is Lauren and I am a 28-year-old fashion editor/serial shopper. 

As someone who spends more time on Zara than the average shopper, I thought it might be helpful to you if I narrow down the contents of the site to my top editor-approved picks. Now, what you buy and wear does not have to be confined to an age group, but if you happen to be curious as to what a 28-year-old is eyeing right now, you’ve come to the right spot. With spring in mind and the hope that I’ll soon have more places than my living room to show off my favorite clothes, I now present you my new and beloved Zara roundup. Enjoy. 

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