The 7 Best Filler Alternatives, According to Dermatologists

Botox or Dysport: “If someone has lines caused by muscle movement, filler may not be the best option, and Botox or Dysport may be a better alternative,” explains Herrmann. And as Moy mentioned earlier, these treatments are better for those with more superficial (aka less severe) skin concerns like fine lines, crow’s-feet, and frown lines. Filler, he says, will be the best choice when there is a depression in the skin, a valley in what is normally flat skin, or a depressed scar or a skin hollow.

Microinfusion: “We do a procedure at Facile called microinfusion that uses very fine micro-needles to stamp tiny droplets of thin filler into the top layer of the skin,” shares Samolitis. “It is different from traditional filler injections because the filler is going more superficially but is blended with vitamins and a small amount of Botox to maximize texture improvement and skin brightening without the risk of lumps or changing your contour. It is a great starter procedure for someone who is nervous about traditional filler injections. The results last about a month and continue to build with additional treatments.”

Laser Resurfacing: According to Herrmann, if someone has significant sun damage and deep diffuse wrinkling, they may benefit more from full-face laser resurfacing, which can give much more natural results. It can also be a more effective treatment for those looking to treat the under-eye area.

Radio Frequency Skin-Tightening Treatments: “If minimal volume loss or sagging has occurred, adding a series of radio frequency heat treatments can help firm skin in a very noninvasive, no-downtime way,” Herrmann adds. “Such treatments aid in collagen synthesis and can help reverse early signs of skin aging like lightly visible laugh lines, and sharpen or firm the jawline, minimizing faint jowls.”

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