The 7 Best Danish Fashion Brands Everyone Should Know

I guarantee that if you asked to look in any fashion editor’s wardrobe right now (over Zoom, of course), you’d spot at least one Danish brand. Over the past few years, the country’s influence over how we get dressed cannot be understated. From older brands that have been given a makeover to newer designers that have become Instagram favorites, it’s hard to ignore the impact this part of Scandinavia has had on the fashion industry. With Copenhagen Fashion Week once again on the horizon (in a digital-only format), we’ve looked at all the brands that we honestly can’t get enough of. 

We often think of Scandinavian style as being a homogenous minimalist style but that’s actually not true. While Swedish people might opt for a more minimalist, pared-back look, over in Denmark, and Copenhagen in particular, there’s a shift towards prints and colors. There are plenty of influencers who prove this too. From print queen Nnenna Echem to Emili Sindlev who loves to clash colors with sparkles, there’s no shortage of Danes who love to opt for the more ‘out-there’ looks. It’s this eclecticism that has absolutely shone through the most recent trending fashion labels coming out of the country. Keep scrolling for a look at the brands we love and what we want to shop.

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