The 6 Best Spring Trends for Short Girls

In a world of oversized, maxi, and layered fashion trends galore, it can be tricky to find what works for someone with a petite frame. I consider myself a bit of an expert at dealing with the woes that come with being 5’2″, like having to hem clothing items and the dismay when a product comes in the mail and looks nothing like it did on the 5’9 model. But aside from that, it can be pretty simple, I promise. If you don’t find it as easy, no need to fret because that’s where I come into play.

Today’s discussion of petite fashion? Spring trends. Here at Who What Wear we’ve covered a lot of what’s new in fashion, but I decided to make a list of trends that seem like they’d be most flattering on those with shorter heights. If you’re also in the market to upgrade your wardrobe for the new season but are debating what trends are worth it then keep scrolling.

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