The 6 Best Free Pregnancy Apps

3. What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker, iOS and Android, FREE

As the name suggests, this app was made by the same company who wrote the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” books. This app has a feature where you can track baby not only day-by-day but hour-by-hour too. The main difference with this app is that it gives you emotional support by way of reasons to smile each day (because let’s face it, pregnancy can be hard!).

In addition to hourly updates, this app also includes:

Personalized daily tracker of pregnancy with baby’s development measured in fruit sizes

Countdown to due date

Pregnancy tips with reasons to smile to help with emotional support

Updates on YOUR changing body

Community photo sharing option

4. Glow Nurture- Pregnancy Tracker, Due Date Calculator, iOS and Android, Free

This app boasts that it is the simplest of all of the pregnancy apps to use. It also emphasizes how it is very customizable, so this app is really all about specifics about your pregnancy. Additionally, it features the following:

Alerts and insights about your pregnancy data

Access to thousands of articles related to where you are at in your pregnancy

Symptoms tracker

Pregnancy tips

Community support

pregnancy apps

5. WebMD Pregnancy, iOS and Android, Free

Who else Google searches random health symptoms always to be directed to WebMD? If you are the same and enjoy their content, this will be a good pregnancy app to choose. This app is available online or offline, and includes:

Pregnancy week-by-week updates

Pregnancy 101 info on nutrition, exercise, labor and more

A list of common questions to ask at your doctor visits

Checklists of what you should buy, pack, and more for baby’s arrival

Appointment tracker of your scheduled doctor visits

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