The 30 Best Wedding Registry Items That Are So Useful

Wedding dress shopping is one thing, but in my opinion, shopping for your future home seems much more appealing. And while you’d rather keep the decor purchases for you and your spouse, it’s important that you put the more useful items on your registry. And if you’re already living together, this is the one time you can upgrade the old appliances and pieces you’ve had lying around. 

There are a ton of registry lists out there, but a lot of them may include things that seem appealing but aren’t as entirely as useful. (I’m talking about you, crystal vases.) As someone who’s getting married later this year and have found myself stumped on what to add to my list, I decided to reach out to my married friends for the items that actually end up being used post-wedding, and anything else they’d add to their registry if they could go back in time. Below, I rounded up 30 items based on their recommendations that I’ll be adding to my registry and you should add to yours, too. 

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