The 24 Best Back-Smoothing Bras, According to Reviews

As we move farther into spring and the temperatures keep rising, I’ve been putting more thought into my bra collection. Since my cute spring tops are about to take over my wardrobe—from strapless to backless to halter—I need bras to make wearing them effortless. 

No one wants a bra with a band that digs and cuts into their sides—uncomfortable is an understatement. These are the bras that give others a bad name, the kind you can’t wait to go home and take off. Luckily, not all bras are like this, and there are online reviewers who did the handiwork for us so we can find the best ones out there. So I took it upon myself to search through top retailers like Nordstrom and Shopbop for the styles reviewers specifically highlight as back-friendly. I read through 746 reviews to find the best back-smoothing bras, and below, I’m outlining my findings (along with some of what the reviewers themselves had to say). 

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