The 20 Best Oversize T-Shirts for Women

Since oversize T-shirts have rapidly risen to the top of my list of wardrobe staples over the last couple weeks, I figured it might be time to refresh not only my collection (which at the moment is mostly made up of old pajamas) but my sources of outfit inspiration, too. After all, in an effort to not let my sense of style completely go out the window during this WFH life, I’m looking for new ways to make my comfy pieces feel cool, and thankfully, Instagram is full of them.

Whether it’s a casual at-home look or a dressed-up ensemble I’ll save for later or perhaps just put on for fun one day, below you’ll find some oversize-tee looks I’m loving. In addition to that, I’ve rounded up the 20 styles I found that felt worthy of buying just in case, like me, you’re in the market. To see the outfits for yourself and shop my picks along the way, just keep scrolling.

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