The 16 Best Spring Fragrances With Amazing Reviews

If your signature scent over the past year has been the smell of hand sanitizer, you’re not alone and you’ve come to the right place. Additionally, venturing out of the safety of your house to smell perfumes with a mask on (if the stores that sell said perfumes were even open) has been a challenge in itself. So if you’re finding yourself considering ordering a fragrance online that you’ve never even sensed before, it’s understandable and perfectly acceptable.

I’m admittedly someone who rarely smells fragrances IRL before deciding to order them, so I think my experience in this arena makes me at least somewhat qualified to dole out advice on doing so yourself. My first tip is to gravitate toward fragrance notes that you know you love (the item description usually lists the notes), and my only other tip is to thoroughly read the reviews since those people have actual firsthand experience with the scent. To save you time, I read tons of reviews for you and selected 16 perfumes that I’d order on the spot without sniffing them myself. Keep scrolling to shop them all—your new spring scent may be among them.

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