The 15 Most Popular Summer Items, Based on Instagram Likes

As a fashion editor, something I enjoy doing is scrolling through the Instagram posts of popular accounts and trying to figure out why the most-liked posts have so many likes. It may not sound all that fascinating, but I’ve made some great shopping discoveries this way. If you think about it, Instagram likes are one form of compliments in the 21st century, and investigating which posts are getting the most likes is a good way to figure out the outfits and fashion items people are most drawn to.

Of course, there are a number of reasons why a particular post could be getting a lot of love, but given that all the ones I gathered here today feature highly covetable fashion items, it’s safe to assume they have a lot to do with it. So if you want to do a little shopping for items that are sure to boost your Instagram feed as well, keep scrolling for 15 special pieces from outfits people are losing it over.

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