The 15 Best Skincare Dupes According to the Brandefy App

I don’t know about you, but for me, skincare price shock is real. Especially if you like spendy products (me) and tend to have a heavy hand when applying them (also me), you could definitely end up spending more money than you might like in the beauty department. If this applies to you, let me introduce you to an app that may have saved my bank account and skin: Brandefy.

The high-tech app, which is marketed as “the authority on dupes,” is essentially a beauty product encyclopedia that contains detailed information on countless makeup, skincare, and hair picks. Beyond this, it recommends alternatives to your favorite products, rating the similarities with a Brandefy Dupe Score based on factors like product consistency, scent, and wear time. The app also shows you side-by-side ingredient comparisons and community reviews—aka real people letting you know what’s up—to help you make the most informed product selections. It’s pretty cool! Below, find a roundup of the best dupes I found to cut my skincare budget in half.

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