The 12 Best Flat Irons for Damaged Hair

As a millennial, I have lived to see some of beauty’s greatest hits when it comes to trends, from butterfly clips and frosted pink lipgloss to messy buns and, of course, the era of stick-straight hair. And as an aspiring beauty editor, I followed the trends almost religiously. I woke up every morning before school and refused to leave the house until every strand of hair was straight—I even had the double mirror to check the back. (My mom helped, too). Looking back, I cringe at the thought of the number of times I would straighten the same section of hair over and over, ultimately damaging my already-fine, soon-to-be-highlighted hair. 

As I’ve gotten older and continued to educate myself in the beauty industry, I’ve come to one conclusion: In order to achieve your beauty goals, you have to first understand what you’re working with. For example, I now understand that I have thin, fine hair; therefore, I know a little bit of product truly goes a long way. I understand that my color-treated hair can be easily damaged, so I opt for hydrating hair masks and supplements that promote hair health and growth. I also understand how to properly use heat tools to achieve the look I want without causing permanent damage. Though avoiding heat is the greatest gift you can give your hair, I’ve realized you can’t avoid heat forever—some days, you just crave that flat-ironed look or a soft wave. 

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