The 10 Most Important Sneaker Releases to Know for 2021

The world of sneakers is intense, addictive, and highly competitive, but I think that’s why people are so obsessed with it. Owning a pair of (insert the most coveted pair of sneakers you can think of here) makes quite a statement to onlookers and is guaranteed to grant you compliments galore. They are something you wear with pride. However, the only way to get your hands on the latest and greatest is by being on top of your game, and today, I’ve brought in an expert who is going to tell you exactly what to buy and when. Diane Abapo, director of content at GOAT, shared with us the 10 most important sneaker drops to know about this year including the release dates, descriptive product details, and her own personal take on why she is excited for each. 

If you are sitting there thinking that you already own too many pairs of sneakers, think again, because the assortment below is about to blow you away. Featuring upcoming designer collaborations, limited edition colorways, and the pairs you know you’ll soon be seeing on the feet of fashion girls everywhere, get ready to mark your calendars, because the 10 sneakers ahead are about to overwhelm you… in a good way.  


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