The 10 Best Hair Dryer Brushes, According to Reviews

I don’t even want to know how much money I used to cough up for monthly, weekly, and sometimes even twice-weekly salon blowouts pre-pandemic. I’ve never been good at styling my own hair, and if there’s any silver lining from the past year, it’s that I’ve had the chance to get intimately reacquainted with my hair au naturel. For the sake of my hair’s health, I’ve been trying to give my stressed-out strands a break by laying off the heat and air-drying roughly 80% of the time. Here and there, however, I’ll have an important Zoom meeting or interview that begs for just a little more polish and pizazz. It took me a while, but I’ve finally nailed down my perfect curling technique. (Team curling wand for life!) But mastering the at-home blowout proved much trickier—until, that is, I broke out the collection of hair dryer brushes I’ve been lucky enough to receive from various brands over the years. I have one word for you, folks: game-changing. 

Have you ever tried a new beauty product and been so overjoyed with the results that you just wanted to bang your head against a wall and ask yourself what took so dang long? That’s pretty much what happened the first time I discovered the ease, effortlessness, and salon-level results that come courtesy of the industry’s best hair dryer brushes. Of course, some are far superior to others, and certain models are better suited to particular hair types and textures, so I thought I’d do a quick rundown on all of the best options that reviewers and fellow beauty shoppers can’t stop raving about. Below are 10 best-selling, top-rated hair dryer brushes sure to gift your strands with a salon-level blowout in record time. Keep scrolling! 

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