The 10 Best Diffusers for Curly Hair, According to Stylists

“The whole purpose of a diffuser is to create a soft flow of hot air that dries hair without moving it, and therefore disrupting curls and causing frizz,” Schaefering explains. “For some, it’s as simple as drying our hair in its natural state, keeping the curl formations together and pretty. For others, it’s a scrunching and manipulating technique that gives our hair and curls more body and bounce. Diffusers can be used to dry hair from a wet state to dry, and they can also can be utilized to set an already styled look to last longer by using clips, hairspray, and heat.”

According to Collins, if you have wavy, less curly hair and are really looking to enhance your curl as much as possible, there are two important courses of action. First, make sure to use elevate your diffusing process by applying a styling product with polymers—aka something that will create some grip and hold like a mouse, gel, or texture spray. Second, gather and direct the section of hair towards your scalp as you diffuse to create the most curl.

However, if your hair is very curly or coily, Collins says you’ll want to use a more emollient type of product, think oils, crèmes, and smoothing formulas, with your diffuser. “The more dense or coarse your hair is, the more product you’ll need to use to make sure you have definition and max shine to your hair,” he adds. Additionally, you’ll want to focus more on definition rather than shortening/enhancing the curl by bringing your sections close to the scalp like someone with a less curly texture might do. “Basically, everyone can enhance their curl with a diffuser, but it’s about finding a diffuser that gives you enough control, using it correctly, and adding in the right types of products,” he notes.

On the ultra-straight side of the hair spectrum? Follow Morgan’s advice by twisting or braiding your hair and then diffusing.

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