Teardrop Bags: The Spring Handbag Trend That’s Everywhere

There’s a new handbag shape in town and so far, it’s been spotted literally everywhere. From the arms of your favorite influencers and celebrities to the shelves of your favorite retailers, teardrop bags are shaping up to be the It bag of the season. Teardrop bags (the adorable name we’ve tokened this trend with) are a very casual shape quite closely resembling a hobo-like shape, but with a tad more structure. The teardrop shape we’re referring to is actually referencing the negative space that is created via the shape of the handles of the bag. Now that you know, you won’t be able to unsee it. 

This handbag is practical. The teardrop shape allows you to throw it over your shoulder comfortably and from one look at all the photos, you’ll see how much sense this bag shape actually makes. It’s basically the purse equivalent of a hug for your underarm, and who doesn’t want that? So far, thanks to brands including but not limited to BY FAR, Staud, and Bottega Veneta, this handbag trend is already popping up everywhere and will continue to be one of the It handbag styles of the season. Ahead, you’ll get your chance to shop a handful of my favorite teardrop bags while gazing upon some of my favorite images featuring the trend. 

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