Streamlining Functional Safety Certification In Automotive & Industrial

Automation has increased the need for functional safety in both the industrial and
automotive sectors. Functional safety is required across industrial applications but
especially in factory automation and control systems.

In the automotive industry, while airbag and braking systems have included functional
safety for years, increased electrification and autonomous driving features require
systems that control battery management, sensor fusion and vehicle maneuvers,
increasing the need for designs with functional safety.

Whether designing robotic systems for factories, appliances for homes or tomorrow’s
cars, design engineers are increasingly required to deliver projects that comply with the
functional safety standard relevant for the application.

In applications that don’t require standards compliance, designing a safer system has
become a key differentiating factor against competitors.

Whether you’re designing for the factory floor or the highway, this white paper explains how TI’s approach to designing integrated circuits (ICs) provides you with the resources needed to streamline your functional safety design.

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