Smart Sock Plus Frequently Asked Questions

It’s finally HERE! The much anticipated Smart Sock Plus is here and we are beyond thrilled to bring our award-winning technology to more children and families. We heard from so many Owlet families who want to monitor their babies for longer, so we’re breaking down some frequently asked questions about the new Smart Sock Plus: 

What is the Smart Sock Plus?

The Smart Sock Plus tracks your baby’s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep patterns and grows with your baby from birth to five years old. The Sock Plus sends live readings via Bluetooth to the nearby Base Station and the Owlet App to support a night of undisturbed sleep for Baby and peace of mind for you. With Smart Sock Plus you can continue to monitor your growing child from birth, to toddlerhood, and into kindergarten. 

Which age group is the Smart Sock Plus designed for?

The Smart Sock Plus fits children from birth to 5 years old and includes fabric socks that fit children up to 5 years, or 55 lbs. You can also purchase the Smart Sock Extension Pack to use with your existing Smart Sock 3 to extend the life of your Smart Sock.

What is included with the Smart Sock Plus?

The new Smart Sock Plus comes with three sock sizes in a left and right foot to fit little ones from 5lbs to 55lbs, or birth up to 5 years. It also comes with the Smart Sock Sensor, Base Station, Base Station cord, power adapter, and 42 months of additional access to the Owlet app.

– Size 1 fits babies from 5 to 12 lbs

– Size 2 fits babies from 12-30 lbs

– Size 3 fits little ones from 30-55lbs 

What are the differences between Smart Sock 2, Smart Sock 3, and Smart Sock Plus?

All models of the Owlet Smart Sock measure your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level using safe, reliable pulse oximetry technology. The new Smart Sock Plus includes a toddler-sized sock that fits children up to 55 pounds, so you can track Baby’s well-being as they grow, from birth to 5 years old. 

The Smart Sock 3 features entirely new hardware and design from the Smart Sock 2, based on feedback we heard from parents all over the world. With these changes, the Smart Sock 3 fits babies both bigger and smaller—from 5 lbs. to 30 lbs. It also monitors babies through gentle motion, so you get live readings more often. The redesigned Base Station offers wireless, drop-and-go charging—a huge time saver! Get an 8-hour charge in under 20 minutes, and a full 16 hours in 90 minutes. 

Do I need a new app for the Smart Sock Plus?

The same Owlet app works with all versions of the Smart Sock. You can use the same Owlet app to view live readings with the new Smart Sock Plus. Download the Owlet app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Where can I buy the new Smart Sock Plus?

Find the Smart Sock Plus at and check out the Monitor Duo Plus, that combines the Smart Sock Plus with the Cam for a complete picture of your little one’s well-being. Stream HD video to your phone while you track heart rate, oxygen, and sleep trends. 

Can I use the Smart Sock Plus with the Owlet Cam?

Yes, you can! The new Smart Sock Plus will connect to your Owlet Cam for a complete view of your baby.

If I already have the Smart Sock, do I also have to buy the Smart Sock Plus?

We offer an Extension Pack for our existing Smart Sock 3 families. You can purchase the Smart Sock Extension Pack which will extend the use of your Smart Sock up to 5 years (30-55lbs). Please note that the Extension Pack is not compatible with the Smart Sock 2.

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