Second Life Podcast: Monica Padman

Now, Padman produces the entire Armchair Expert umbrella network, which includes a wide range of other shows such as Experts on Expert, Race to 270, and Nurture vs Nurture. Last year, she also released a 10-episode spin-off podcast called Monica & Jess Love Boys about the journey to healthy relationships and dating. This June, she’ll introduce a new show: Shattered Glass. Alongside her co-host and longtime collaborator Kristen Bell, Padman will deep-dive with women who have put a crack in the glass ceiling. 

While Padman is a natural at creating one-of-a-kind content and producing some of the most-downloaded episodes in the space, she actually began her career in a creative yet entirely different industry: acting. Before Padman became an Emmy-nominated producer, she began her acting career in Atlanta on the television series Drop Dead Diva. She then moved to L.A.  and began taking classes with the renowned Upright Citizens Brigade and ultimately appeared in series such as The Good Place, Bless This Mess, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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