Second Life Podcast: Dr. Deepika Chopra

Chopra impressively holds a doctorate in clinical health psychology, focusing on the mind-body connection, sensory-based visual imagery, color therapy, and innovative cognitive-behavioral strategies. She has been featured in esteemed publications, including Goop, Forbes, and Harper’s Bazaar, sharing her wealth of knowledge of becoming the best version of oneself. In 2019, Chopra launched her first product to supplement her work—the Things Are Looking Up deck of cards, which were thoughtfully designed to inspire optimism and increase happiness, no matter where you are.   

But before Chopra manifested her destiny to help empower others, she had her own evolving career journey. From interning at a punk music label (and enjoying every moment of it) and traveling to Japan for self-discovery to working at an investment banking firm and a startup healthcare company, Chopra experienced many different career avenues before returning to school to study psychology.

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