Reviewed: Why the Fashion Set Loves Eadem

How did the pandemic and stay-at-home orders affect your business? How have your priorities shifted over the last year?

ALG: I’m based in California, and Marie lives in New York, so being on opposite sides of the country, not able to travel, has been challenging. On top of that, we both gave birth during the pandemic, which has been a whole difficult experience in itself. 

Being a small business, we were able to adjust quickly and learned to be a bit more nimble. Marie and I are perfectionists (a blessing and a curse, really), and this experience has forced us to prioritize the things that mean most to us, both professionally and personally.

What has been your proudest moment as business owners?

MKA: When you take a big leap of faith to start your own business, and COVID happens, it makes you really wonder if you’re going to make it. It’s not easy leaving behind a comfortable job and a steady revenue stream, so when we won the Glossier grant and got selected for Sephora Accelerate—all within three months and without having launched a single product yet—it felt like we were right all along.

ALG: Marie and I set out to build a product for people like us and bring together diverse cultures. Our editorial platform gives women of color a voice to share stories from their cultures that are universally relatable. The word eadem is Latin for “all and the same,” and the brand is truly rooted in those connections we have with one another. Comments like, “I wish I had this when I was growing up,” or “Thank you for creating this space,” really motivate us to continue our work.

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