Long Distance High-Voltage Line Monitoring Solution

Therefore Siemens Smart Infrastructure has recently launched its new PowerLink CM, a condition monitoring solution for high-voltage AC and DC transmission lines, which ensures a reliable power supply, optimised grid utilisation and blackout prevention. The device precisely locates faults in the transmission grid and continuously tracks line conditions while monitoring line lengths of up to 500 km in powered, unpowered or grounded lines.

The new system provides real-time monitoring of every type of transmission power line by continuously measuring line profile. Location information is available at the time of the event, but can also be determined after the fact. This enables fault reports to be received directly by the affected substation, which is then forwarded to the control room. For continuous line monitoring, the device can be connected to Siemens’ MindSphere, the open cloud-based IoT platform, which facilitates transparent processing of all line data in the cloud. This allows grid operators to analyse status reports and optimise maintenance activities.

“With the new PowerLink CM solution, transmission grid operators can detect and locate possible line problems before causing major transmission network issues,” said Robert Klaffus, CEO Digital Grid at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “PowerLink CM supports predictive operations management. Transmission grid operators can better manage their assets, avoid blackouts and guarantee a reliable supply of electricity.”

In addition, PowerLink CM can detect sporadic or gradual changes in the condition of continuously operating lines, such as changes in ground clearance, clearance to trees, impact of weather events such as ice load or temperature fluctuations, as well as peak loads. Copper theft, common in some countries, can also be detected even in unpowered lines.

All this makes it possible to detect potential line problems early on and take countermeasures before a serious fault occurs.

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