Layered Looks: The Micro-Trend That’s About to Make It Big

By this point, it should be obvious that trendspotting is what I live for. Whether it’s a major runway theme or something more along the lines of a micro-trend, I’m always taking stock of what my fashion friends are wearing and while there are so many smaller-scale trends on the scene right now, the lastest micro-trend to bubble up is one that’s simply too stunning to ignore.

The style in question? It’s all about layered clothing. Think an exposed bra situation like we’ve seen from Jonthan Simkhai and Rosie Assoulin or even two plain tank tops layered on top of each other. What’s great about this trend is that the styles on offer fall on a spectrum from riskier to more simple, so it’s easy for anyone to get in on. In the market, you can find a single piece designed to look like there are multiple garments layered on top of each other but if you’re feeling inventive you could easily achieve the look with a few good basics.

Ahead, see evidence of the trend that I’ve charted from the runways to Instagram and shop my favorite layered pieces along the way.

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