Jenna Ortega’s Easy Beauty Routine and Skincare Must-Haves

I would also love to know how your Latina heritage has inspired your approach to beauty.

I think my Latina heritage almost inspires my style and what I’m wearing more than my beauty routine. I always have to have hoops on. I have, like, four different pairs of silver hoops in all different sizes. I have the gold hoops, I have the bamboo hoops. Lip liner is so, so important to me. I can’t imagine wearing makeup without my lip liner. I don’t do it super dark, but typically, I’ll do a shade of burgundy. That’s just something that my mom would teach me growing up, so it’s things like that or even just certain types of outfits that I’m into or colors that are super complimentary to my skin tone and complexion that reflect that heritage, I think.

What’s your favorite beauty look from a project you’ve worked on?

Oh! I remember The Babysitter: Killer Queen was really, really fun because I had a lot of crazy hairstyles for that one: a bun mohawk that went down into a low ponytail. A little George Washington situation. And there were braids on both sides. There was also another look where I had a bunch of buns in my hair, and I remember the inspiration for that—it was very Gwen Stefani/No Doubt, but there were also these pigtails on both sides… I had never seen myself in hair like that, so that was a fun little experiment. Also, my outfits were crazy—chokers, and big black earrings, and these big black heels and silk dresses…it was really fun to play with.

Are there any fun or interesting beauty tips you’ve picked up over the years on-set or from your co-stars?

I’m trying to think… You know, something that is interesting is that even if I’ve already put on moisturizer, they’ll always put more on, anyway, once I’m on set. I’ve realized that double-layer really helps the concealer or foundation or whatever they’re putting on my face blend better. It keeps the surface of the skin wet so the products really blend seamlessly with the moisturizer, and I think it gives it a nicer finish. So, that’s definitely something I’ve incorporated into my routine for days when I am wearing concealer or foundation—applying the face makeup before the moisturizer dries completely!

What’s your Unfiltered beauty philosophy in seven words or less?

Make beauty what you want. I say that because I think it’s the coolest thing when people express themselves creatively and artistically by using their faces as a canvas. I think you should just do you, you know? Do whatever you want! But I also mean, don’t feel pressure to do or try certain things, or appear a certain way, or try to fit some kind of standard that isn’t natural to you. As you get older, you have more appreciation for the people around you and the way they look and their differences, and their unique qualities you can enjoy—really appreciating what’s specific to them. That’s what makes you extraordinary as a person, so I don’t think you should ever try to fit with a crowd or do something unless it feels right to you, and authentic to you, and is something that you’re comfortable with.

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