I’m Updating My 2021 Wardrobe—Here’s What Items I’m Buying

‘Tis the season for the closet cleanout. Few things rival the feeling of finally hunkering down to organize and get your piles of stuff together. So far I’ve tackled my underwear collection (basically rebuilding it from scratch after months of neglect), and now I’ve set my sights on my everyday wardrobe. While I declutter, rearrange, and swap out all of the clothes I’m either over or have outgrown, I’m already thinking about the upgrades I’ll be adding for this winter.

Quite a few styles have caught my attention at the tail end of last year–second-skin tops, pink sweaters, and grandpa cardigans to name a few– and now I’m eager to finally pull the trigger and buy. Since working from home is still very much on the agenda, my primary focus is on affordable items that look a step up from sweatsuits and loungewear, yet don’t require much effort to style (I want to be Zoom ready ideally in less than 15 minutes). I’ve got a lot of items on my mental shopping list, so get comfortable, and let’s go through them together.


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