I’m Cleaning Out My Beauty Drawer—Here’s What I’m Keeping

There’s nothing quite like a good beauty drawer clean out—especially if you’re like me and tend to hoard hundreds of products. A certain joie de vivre comes with cleaning out your beauty drawer, as it overwhelms you with satisfaction and brings a moment of rebirth. Perhaps it is the act of tossing old, used products or deeming some beauty splurges as must-haves and repeat products, but freshening up your beauty drawer and introducing organization to inevitable clutter will leave behind a sense of order and empowerment. Maybe it’s just me—yes, I am beauty-product obsessed—but the second I am done with a clean out, I feel like I am ready to conquer my day. 

While the end product of a beauty drawer cleanse is fulfilling, finding where to begin can hinder you from even starting. From seasonal skincare essentials and new beauty buys to irreplaceable items, it’s difficult to decipher which products are in and which ones are out. Fortunately, I assess my beauty closet almost every month or so to ensure I am only keeping formulas I’m consistently using (or my boyfriend is secretly taking) and ditching those who expired or simply not worked for my skin. And I’m here to confirm that you can do it, too. Keep scrolling to discover the beauty products that almost always make the cut each round and which products I am bidding a farewell to start the New Year on a fresh note.

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