If You Hate Wearing SPF, These 17 Tinted Formulas Are Ideal

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know what it’s like to absolutely loathe everything about facial SPF. Not only does it feel uncomfortable, sticky, and often greasy on the skin, but it also, more often than not, leaves behind a ghostly white cast and makes your complexion look impossibly oily. And don’t get me wrong—I know that facial SPF formulas have come a long way, but let’s face it. We’re not quite there yet, are we?

And it seems everyone struggles with facial SPFs for different reasons. Some find that the ingredients irritate their dry and sensitive skin, while others struggle with the way that the oily formulas sit on their already oily skin. Personally, I’m in the latter category. I like a glow, but I find that so many SPFs make my pores look triple their size, and applying any sort of makeup over the top in an attempt to rectify the situation is out of the question. (Unless I actually want to chase it around my face all day.)

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