How to Support Black-Owned Brands

At the risk of stating the obvious, large retailers have a large influence. Their audiences are massive, they have the ability to skyrocket brand awareness, and sell products in high volumes. The chance for a small business owner to get that exposure could change everything for an emerging brand. So when we started getting pitches from the likes of Nordstrom and Madewell about championing Black designers and store-owners for Black History Month, we wanted to be part of spreading the word. And this is the part where you and your buying power come in, lovely reader. Large retailers have entire teams dedicated to tracking how well items and brands sell. It informs their buyers’ future decisions about which brands to carry and what quantity to buy. Accordingly, if items like the ones featured in this story sell out like mad, you’re sending the message to these retailers to invest in Black designers and to do so beyond a designated cultural month. To put it simply, by shopping these picks, you can be part of changing the retail landscape to be more inclusive, and, of course, get some new awesome clothes in the mean time. Win-win.

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