How to Style Your Bangs Like a Pro

In order to make your transition to the fringe life as seamless as possible, we enlisted celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri to give us tips on how to style bangs of all kinds. The first thing you should know about having bangs? It’s a very real obligation. “You must be committed to styling them every day unless you are planning to wear them as curly bangs, and you truly must be ready for them,” says Capri. The second thing? Don’t get them after a breakup, she stresses, no matter how tempting it sounds. (Listen, we’ve all been there.)

Capri also says that when it comes to curly and textured hair, it’s best to go to a professional who knows how to work with your hair type—and don’t forget the inspo pics. “Hair texture is very important when it comes to cutting and styling bangs. “Check out Pinterest and find at least three pictures of what your bang goals are, bring them into the salon as inspiration and talk about all of the details thoroughly with your hairstylist,” says Capri. “And the secret trick to set yourself up for success is also sharing a few photos of bangs you don’t like. People can see the same thing, but not necessarily speak the same language.”

Keep scrolling for Capri’s best bang-styling tips, and if you’re someone who likes a visual aid, check out how Capri styles her own bangs here

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