How to Re-Create Daisy Ridley’s Beauty Cover Look

I’ve been plagued by beauty boredom. Actually, let me back up. Pre-pandemic, I had a low-key makeup routine that relied on the usual suspects: tinted moisturizer, bronzer, a hint of blush (I have naturally rosy cheeks), mascara, and a good ol’ brow pencil. It was a routine I knew and loved. But once working remotely became the norm, I decided to focus more on my skin and less on makeup. My thought process was simple—the better my complexion, the less I would feel I had to rely on other products to make me feel good about myself. It’s smart in theory, and I still stand behind my thinking, but after nearly a year, I’ve realized just how uninspired I’ve felt. Bright lips weren’t doing it for me. Neither were dramatic eyes. Not even a full-on glow! I guess all it took was the new year and our February cover shoot featuring Daisy Ridley to get me excited about makeup again.

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