How to Buy Dior Bags, From an Expert Who Knows Best

If you’ve purchased something pricey on a whim only to be met with a wave of buyer’s remorse shortly thereafter, you’re not alone. Buying new, luxe, on-trend items is incredibly tempting, and as editors, we really do have to practice restraint because, well, shopping is kind of our MO. We’ve learned some great tips in our time though, like sale season is your best friend, buying winter clothes in the summer can save you major bucks, and last but certainly not least, don’t buy a designer handbag without first doing some thorough research.

Buying a Dior bag, for example, is a big life decision. Sure, it might not be as big a decision as picking your engagement ring, but the designer arm candy is an investment piece that certainly doesn’t come cheap. So before you pull the trigger, research is key. But there’s more to the process of buying a Dior bag, too, according to Amanda Joseph, ThredUp Merchandising Manager, and Luxe Specialist.

Ahead, her expert tips on everything you should keep in mind before you hand over your credit card and purchase a Dior bag for yourself. Trust us, this is 100% worth the read.

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