Fran Lebowitz Has Mastered the Ultimate Anti-Trend Wardrobe

Watching Pretend It’s a City is like taking a trip to NYC without leaving your couch, which is probably why I flew through the entire series from start to finish in the span of two days. The show dives into conversations between New Yorkers Fran Lebowitz and Martin Scorcese, and it’s like being within earshot of a candid, captivating dinner party convo that you can’t help but tune into. Needless to say, I’m a big fan and I’m telling everyone I know to watch it right away.

What was as good as the witticisms Fran Lebowitz sprinkled in throughout the show were her amazing outfits. Her style is just so good in a really classic New York way and it hasn’t changed much throughout the past 50 years. Decidedly anti-trend, she has a strong personal sense of style and has stuck to staples like straight-leg jeans, cowboy boots, and slightly upsized coats and blazers for as long as she’s lived in NYC. Her wardrobe is living proof that a timeless capsule wardrobe can actually work for the span of many decades. Ahead, I’m taking a look at the key pieces Fran Lebowitz wears again and again that define her epic NYC wardrobe.

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