Found: The 12 Best Nail Polish Topcoats

When it comes to painting my nails, I’m a perfectionist. I can’t handle uneven texture, dullness, or imperfect lines, and there is nothing—I repeat, nothing—more annoying than smudging my nails when they’re almost dry. It’s enough to make me throw in the towel and reach for the remover. I don’t know what it is, but there’s clearly something about an at-home manicure that brings out my Type A personality…

If there’s one thing being a nail-painting perfectionist has taught me, it’s that the real key to perfecting a manicure isn’t in the polish you pick—no, it’s in the topcoat. A topcoat, after all, is what seals in the color, prevents chips, and most importantly for me, gives a glossy finish (oh, how I love a lustrous, light-reflective manicure). Keep scrolling to see the best nail polish topcoats for salon-level shine and longevity. If gloss is your thing, you’ll love these 12 picks.

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