Fashion Editor Style: How to Dress Like an Editor

Who What Wear’s fashion editors are expert shoppers, and that’s an understatement. After all, it’s our jobs to search runways, retailers, and the internet for the best and the coolest in fashion. With that in mind, I always have a colleague to turn to whether I need to find out the trends that are about to be everywhere, insight about on-the-rise brands, or someone to weigh in about what’s happening at fashion week. My Slack chats are packed with messages to my co-workers about their thoughts on all of the above.

Who What Wear fashion editors each have their own takes on personal style. Some love bold colors and statement prints, while others prefer to stick to neutrals. Then there are some editors who have closets stocked with the latest emerging brands, and others who are always on the vintage hunt. One common theme? Our fashion editor style is constantly evolving as we add new items to our closets or get inspired about what is happening in the fashion world. So what defines our fashion editor style and what do we actually wear? Ahead, get to know our team a little bit more as we weigh in on personal style and our key shopping buys for 2021.

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