Easy Summer Outfits For Dressing Up Again

Earlier this year, I realized that I’d become less savvy at quickly putting together a cool outfit. I think this is mainly because I’d kind of forgotten what clothes I own (aside from comfy lounge ones, of course). And just like any skill, the ability to put together a good outfit can get a little rusty without practice. When you spend many months just deciding which matching sweatsuit to wear with which slippers, that’s enough to throw anyone out of outfit-planning practice.

As vaccination rates have thankfully increased in the U.S. over the past couple of months, venturing back out into the world is something many of us have started to be able to do. And I think we’ve all come to realize that we need outfits to do so. If—on top of everything else—that has you feeling overwhelmed, I 100% get it. So I took some time to search for easy outfit ideas that are a bit dressed up, but not in a complicated way. Read on to steal them for your own outfit arsenal this spring and summer, and shop pieces that capture the vibe of each outfit.

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