Designing Three Decades of Fashion in Netflix’s Firefly Lane

Sourcing the jewelry was also fun. I will call up Valerie Guerrero of The Artisan Group, who works with independent artists around the globe, and she will share what I am doing: “Firefly Lane for Netflix needs ’70s era rings, ’80s earrings, and big statement jewelry for the early 2000s.” In this case, I got the job two months before we started to prep, so I literally called her the next day and said “I’m doing a show that spans three decades. What do you have?”

All of the artisans send handwritten notes about the piece of jewelry, how they made it, and where it comes from. I took all of the notes to set, and whenever we’d use a piece specifically from the artisans, we would write down who it went on and what episode it went in, so we could let Valerie know when they could see their work on screen. It’s a nice way for local artisans who handmake everything to get the exposure that they wouldn’t normally get.

Once the episode comes out I’ll tweet or put it on Instagram and tag them. I’ve been using that service now since 2015 and I love it. I used it on The Hundreds and Once Upon a Time, and every piece they sent me got into the show on Firefly Lane. Every artist who made something for me got featured. All of the jewelry was so unique and special. I hope the viewers enjoy it as much as I did!

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