Curtain Bangs Have Taken Over—Here Are the Best Styling Tips

“Curtain bangs are soft, flowy, and longer than more traditional styles of fringe or bangs that sit at or above the brow,” explains celebrity hairstylist David Lopez. “Curtain bangs gently split open in the center, and they sit just along the cheekbones. Unless you have super-coily or textured hair, they’re wearable for almost any length or hair type.”

Not only are curtain bangs chic and beautiful in their own right, but they also have the added benefit of immediately elevating the look of ponytails or messy buns. Lopez notes they can even give the face a subtle slimming effect (if you’re into that) since they simultaneously open up the eye area and hug in your cheekbones. Of course, like any specific haircut, getting used to and styling curtain bangs can take some training and patience. If you have your sights set on the chop or if you’ve already taken the plunge and are in need of some pro-level styling tips, don’t fret. Below, Lopez is sharing his six top curtain bang–centric styling tips along with the must-have products you’ll need to deck out your new routine. Keep scrolling! 

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