Celebs and Influencers Have Made La Manso Rings an It Item

Have you noticed those fun, oversized plastic rings celebs and influencers have been wearing with their fun, super long nails? They’re La Manso rings and they’re the latest celebrity-approved (i.e. Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, to name a few) It accessory. They’re hard to miss, and they’re also hard to get your hands on as they’ve definitely caught on among fashion girls around the world. The playful, ’90s-inspired rings are designed by Adriana Manso and hand-crafted in Barcelona, and they’re under-$100. Gotta love an affordable It item with nostalgia factor. 

Among the styles you’ll find are colorful retro flowers, clear glitted knuckle dusters, and translucent dome rings. They’re not dainty or subdued in the least and that’s the point. What they are is mood-boosting, very Instagrammable, and compliment bait. Hence the reason why they’re selling out everywhere.

Keep scrolling to see the beauty of La Manso rings for yourself and shop plastic rings that’ll make you want to stare at your hands all day.

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