Beautyscaping Is About to Be 2021’s Biggest Home Decor Trend

Of all the lessons we’ve learned over the last year, taking time to appreciate life’s simple pleasures tops the list. From a beauty standpoint, that can look like running a warm bath or spending a few extra minutes giving ourselves a soothing facial massage when applying our nighttime moisturizer, but another way is by taking the time to connect to the ways we arrange and display our beauty products. I know this might sound a bit extra, but stick with me here.

Now, this isn’t a new concept by any means. Remember how popular the beauty shelfie was, and still is to this day? It emerged years ago as a way to turn our boring medicine cabinets into sanctums of beauty. But, why should our products be relegated to our medicine cabinets? Every year product packaging gets more sustainable, more functional, and, best of all, more beautiful, so, why not give those gorgeous products more prominent spots in our home decor? 

We’re down. Enter: beautyscaping. From placing a color-coordinated blush or lipstick near a beloved piece of art to crafting cozy bath setups, and even incorporating pretty candles and vessels filled with luxe creams into tabletop designs, beautyscaping frees our products from the shelf to gives them starring roles in our everyday lives. Ahead, check out eight beautiful examples of the artistic ingenuity of beautyscaping.

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