Beauty Product Forecast 2021: What’s In and What’s Out

Well, team, we’ve officially made it to 2021. Congrats all around! To be standing here, on the other side of the hardest year ever, is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Although the challenges of yesteryear trolled the hell out of us, they also taught us a ton of new skills to keep in our beauty arsenals. Maskne? We know how to handle her. Overgrown roots? Not for long. But one of the biggest lessons we learned is that a lot of products we’ve been using don’t deserve to accompany us into the New Year. Harsh but true.

While we’re not totally out of the woods with all of the craziness we faced last year, we’re certainly moving in the right direction toward a much more peaceful new normal. As such, purging our beauty routines of any dead weight is a must. Thankfully, my fellow beauty editor Erin and I have each deep-dived into our routines to share the products we’re dropping and why. Ahead, check out our official 2021 beauty forecast of the products and practices that are being left in the dust along with everything taking their places.

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